Web Development

The bottom line at Web Garden? Just a bunch of geeks wanting to be different? Every project is unique. So when it comes to giving you the exact site you need, we always build to suit.

Rich, Fast, and Flexible Architecture

Web Garden brings a truckload of experience to the table, and we’re constantly working on personal projects to test the latest technologies. Every time we touch your website, we do it with a meticulous attention to detail and use the very best tools and practices available. We make sure to get your site right the first time, but we also make it flexible enough to grow with your organization. That way, whatever happens, everybody wins.

Optimized for Search Engines – and Human Beings, too.

Today’s search engines deliver information more efficiently than any other product in history — and the right information, at the right time, delivers new customers. From optimal site structure to well considered content to compelling imagery, our aim extends beyond simply increasing raw traffic to crafting technology designed to help you drive your business.

Client-Friendly Content Management

Web Garden specializes in the four most popular open source content management system (CMS). These are flexible and feature-rich systems that brings your website management in-house, saving valuable time and money on site maintenance moving forward. Add and edit pages, manage products and services, publish news and events, and more — all through a clean and easy-to-use control panel.

Custom-made interactive websites

Maybe you want something wow, something fresh or just something different. That’s where custom-made website development comes in. We add those little special features that are only unique to your site.

Brochure websites

We all start small. Sometimes one just wants to mark their presence on the web space by introducing themselves in a nice, short and to the point introductory website with just a few pages of vital content. Let us help you with that quick but very crucial phase of your growth. We know how and where to plant that seed. Leave all the worrying to us, we love it!

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