User Interface Design

Good companies knock ’em dead in the real world, but getting that same punch into a website is tough. That’s why they turn to Web Garden, the cultivators of web.

Function, Form, and Focus

By designing to support your business goals, rather than just pitching you the latest trends in design and technology, Web Garden functions as an honest, accountable partner in your business. We measure results. If something’s not working, we fix it; and if something proves effective for another client, we let you know.

We’ve been bringing insightful perspectives to the intersection of design and business since 2005, producing websites that are assets to their owners and generating leads and revenue instead of merely eating up operational costs and taking up space on the web.

Communication is Key

When organizations choose to partner with us, it’s often because they provide exceptional service in the real world but suffer from an unprofessional appearance on the web. By working with you to determine how to make your organization more credible to discerning, quality-driven customers, Web Garden makes you look as good on the web as you do in person – bringing you not just more contacts, but more qualified contacts, more often.

Driving Business the Web Garden Way

The head and the heart behind Web Garden is Mandla Sibanda, who brings with him an international development and e-commerce degree, an entrepreneurial spirit, and over 7 years of experience in the industry. With a first-hand appreciation for doing business, a lot of favorite clients, and countless web design and development projects under his belt, his work is recognized around Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s a totally fantastic job, but hey, somebody’s gotta do it.

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