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It’s not every time that you need a whole new website. You just need the right person, with the right tools, to take a look under the hood.

Site Performance Reporting

Maybe you already know how well-built your website is, how it stacks up against the competition, and why. Or maybe you have enough confidence in your web guy that actionable data and proof of results aren’t worth the request. No matter your situation, Web Garden can give you a cost-effective and comprehensive look into what’s happening behind the scenes.

Our Site Performance report includes over 40 tests to measure your website’s accessibility, content, marketing, and technology. Together with years of industry expertise, we can help you make smart, value-driven decisions for your website going forward.

Website Accessibility Reporting

Not every user of your website has perfect vision, hearing, and dexterity. Many are color blind, some can’t use a mouse, and others work for corporations that just can’t manage to upgrade beyond Internet Explorer 6. Age may bring wisdom and wealth, but it also brings macular degeneration and hearing problems. Yet from hospitals, to public utilities, to financial institutions, the drive for accessible websites often falls through the cracks.

Accessibility reporting from Web Garden is a cost-effective retrofit to your existing website.

This service includes:

  • 60 objective performance tests focusing on layout, navigation, color usage, content, media, forms, and more.
  • Based on Section 508 and WCAG guidelines.
  • Summary analysis from a visually impaired user, focusing on structural issues and usability hiccups that only an everyday user can uncover.
  • Written recommendations for making the improvements yourself. We are also happy to work along side your team in making the changes.
  • An excellent way to strengthen your brand while generating a positive public relations opportunity. Improves overall usability and performance while illustrating corporate stewardship in the tech arena.


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