What we do

The bottom line at Web Garden? Just a bunch of geeks wanting to be different? Every project is unique. So when it comes to giving you the exact site you need, we always build to suit.

Rich, Fast, and Flexible Architecture
Web Garden brings a truckload of experience to the table, and we’re constantly working on personal projects to test the latest technologies. Every time we touch your website, we do it with a meticulous attention to detail and use the very best tools and practices available. We make sure to get your site right the first time, but we also make it flexible enough to grow with your organization. That way, whatever happens, everybody wins.

Optimized for Search Engines – and Human Beings, too.
Today’s search engines deliver information more efficiently than any other product in history — and the right information, at the right time, delivers new customers. From optimal site structure to well considered content to compelling imagery, our aim extends beyond simply increasing raw traffic to crafting technology designed to help you drive your business.

Client-Friendly Content Management

Web Garden specializes in the four most popular open source content management system (CMS).  These are flexible and feature-rich systems that brings your website management in-house, saving valuable time and money on site maintenance moving forward.  Add and edit pages, manage products and services, publish news and events, and more — all through a clean and easy-to-use control panel.

Custom-made interactive websites

Maybe you want something wow, something fresh or just something different. That’s where custom-made website development comes in. We add those little special features that are only unique to your site.

Brochure websites

We all start small. Sometimes one just wants to mark their presence on the web space by introducing themselves in a nice, short and to the point introductory website with just a few pages of vital content. Let us help you with that quick but very crucial phase of your growth.

User Interface Design

Good companies knock ’em dead in the real world, but getting that same punch into a website is tough. That’s why they turn to the cultivators of web.

Function, Form, and Focus

By designing to support your business goals, rather than just pitching you the latest trends in design and technology, Web Garden functions as an honest, accountable partner in your business. We measure results. If something’s not working, we fix it; and if something proves effective for another client, we let you know.

We’ve been bringing insightful perspectives to the intersection of design and business since 2005, producing websites that are assets to their owners and generating leads and revenue instead of merely eating up operational costs and taking up space on the web.

Communication is Key

When organizations choose to partner with us, it’s often because they provide exceptional service in the real world but suffer from an unprofessional appearance on the web. By working with you to determine how to make your organization more credible to discerning, quality-driven customers, Web Garden makes you look as good on the web as you do in person – bringing you not just more contacts, but more qualified contacts, more often.

Driving Business the Web Garden Way

The head and the heart behind Web Garden is Mandla Sibanda, who brings with him an international development and e-commerce degree, an entrepreneurial spirit, and over 7 years of experience in the industry. With a first-hand appreciation for doing business, a lot of favorite clients, and countless web design and development projects under his belt, his work is recognized around Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s a totally fantastic job, but hey, somebody’s gotta do it.

Consulting & Strategy

It’s not everytime that you need a whole new website. You just need the right person, with the right tools, to take a look under the hood.

Site Performance Reporting

Maybe you already know how well-built your website is, how it stacks up against the competition, and why. Or maybe you have enough confidence in your web guy that actionable data and proof of results aren’t worth the request. No matter your situation, Web Garden can give you a cost-effective and comprehensive look into what’s happening behind the scenes.

Our Site Performance report includes over 40 tests to measure your website’s accessibility, content, marketing, and technology. Together with years of industry expertise, we can help you make smart, value-driven decisions for your website going forward.

Website Accessibility Reporting

Not every user of your website has perfect vision, hearing, and dexterity. Many are color blind, some can’t use a mouse, and others work for corporations that just can’t manage to upgrade beyond Internet Explorer 6. Age may bring wisdom and wealth, but it also brings macular degeneration and hearing problems. Yet from hospitals, to public utilities, to financial institutions, the drive for accessible websites often falls through the cracks.

Accessibility reporting from Web Garden is a cost-effective retrofit to your existing website.

Service includes:

  • 60 objective performance tests focusing on layout, navigation, color usage, content, media, forms, and more.
  • Based on Section 508 guidelines.
  • Summary analysis from a visually impaired user, focusing on structural issues and usability hiccups that only an everyday user can uncover.
  • Written recommendations for making the improvements yourself. We are also happy to work along side your team in making the changes.
  • An excellent way to strengthen your brand while generating a positive public relations opportunity.
  • Improves overall usability and performance while illustrating corporate stewardship in the tech arena.